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Science can often be difficult to comprehend. Learn science from award-winning teacher Jon Bergmann.

About Jon

Jon spent 24 years as a middle and high school science teacher, then two years as a district technology facilitator. He is now back in the classroom teaching high school students.

In 2002, Jon received the Presidential Award for Excellence for Math and Science Teaching; and in 2010, he was named Semi-Finalist for Colorado Teacher of the Year. He serves on the advisory board for TED-Education. In 2013, was named one of Tech & Learning’s 10 Most Influential People of the Year, and was also a finalist for the Brock International Prize for Education and winner of the 2013 Bammy Award presented by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences.

Jon is the author of twelve books, including the bestselling book: Flip Your Classroom which has been translated into 13 languages. He is the founder of the global FlipCon conferences which are dynamic engaging events which inspire educators to transform their practice through Flipped Learning.